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Zen Table Tennis: the world's most intense sport.

It is a long way from the pick up ping pong matches in the filthy back alleys of Lhasa to the ethereal mountaintop temple of the Ten Thousand Paddles. But here you are, one match from enlightenment. There is just one problem -- an invisible demon who has seemingly mastered the physics of the sport. Well, two can play at that game. Remember the teaching: "Become the ball."

Flick the paddle left and right to control return direction and speed.

The winner is the first to score 11 points or higher with a 2 point advantage. Service alternates every two points.

Use the menu to turn sound off and on, set difficulty easy or hard, reset to a new game. Press 'go' to resume the game.

Tilt sideways to play in landscape mode.

Win or lose, a fortune cookie awaits at the end. You may soon be back for more.

Zen Table Tennis is compatible with all recent BlackBerry models (RIM OS 4.0 or later). For Storm touchscreen models, if the game is not full screen and a keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen then you either do not have the correct version installed or the application is in 'compatibility mode' and will not work well. To turn this off go to system Options, Advanced Options, Applications, highlight application, press menu key, Disable Compatibility Mode.

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